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We offer in-house hand-cut engraving of the highest quality,
for those who respect tradition and craftsmanship.
In addition to new-cut hand engraving, we offer engraving restoration services.

Brubaker Restorations is equipped with cutting edge technology for analyzing the residual markings left on the metal after the original engraving had worn out.
Our engraving restoration process, led by a licensed Architect with 10+ years experience in restoration in Europe, includes but is not limited to:
1. Historical analysis: typology, similar examples.
2. Photographic analysis of the object to restore;  pattern analysis;
measurements and reconstruction; hand sketches and AI generated patterns.
3. Scaling the pattern and re-composing it according to the surviving traces
on the object to restore.
4. Final sketch.
5. Pattern transposed to engraving area.
The trigger bow below is a good example of engraving restoration at Brubaker Restorations.
The engraving on the action is original - the engraving on the trigger bow is restored.

Trigger Bow Restoration at Brubaker Arms Manufacturing LLC -  Engraving Restoration - Brub
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