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Having your own classic custom rifle / shotgun made is an exciting endeavor! 

Top quality craftsmanship is one of the major differences between a custom made rifle and a mass produced one. Another major difference is that the stock is made especially for your personal dimensions; that means it fits you. 


Off-peg-guns are intended to suit the average shooter with an average build and height. In a sense, they are very much like the “one size fits all” clothing that are supposed to work for everyone but don’t.


In addition to not all of us sharing the same size, length of pool, and style of shooting, a surprisingly high percentage of population is cross eyed dominant (approximately 29%).

People with cross eye dominance do not achieve their best shooting the off the peg stock, especially if the eye dominance is not a matter of habit but a matter of strabismus. Especially when hunting, that first shot might be the only one that really matters; with a fitted stock, you can maximize your chances.

Gunfitting is the practice of analyzing and measuring an individual in order to produce the best fitting rifle or shotgun for that individual. Gun fitting is more complex than merely making sure the stock is long or short enough. It has to do with the entire physiology of the shooter. 

Gun fitting takes in account the shape of the cheek, the shape of the shoulder pocket, the length of pool, the position of the grip, and eye dominance. In other words, gun fitting has to do with designing a tool that is most suitable for your whole body and how you carry yourself.

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